How to optimize for voice search
How to optimize for voice search

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Voice search is the order of the day. With more and more people getting time-pressed, no one really wants to waste it typing in queries on search engines. Voice search has come as a big relief for all those people. Now, they can pose any query on Google, without being too specific about what words to use. If you are a business, and you think you can capitalise on voice search, then here are some tips on how to do Voice Search Optimization right. Find out-

Voice search optimization 2018

  • When you determine content and target keywords, you must keep in mind that audience always use conversational speech to make voice searches. By keeping this important point in mind, you will go places with your search engine optimization efforts. This needs no telling that voice search is for the convenience of users. People, who hate to type-search, find this tool extremely handy and useful. And that is why you should mould your keywords in such a way that they appear to have come out of someone’s mouth.  That means they should look natural and conversational in nature. For instance, if someone is looking for seo services in Nottingham, they may not say these exact four words while voice searching on Google, they might just say ‘seo services Nottingham.’ And most of the time queries don’t come in a grammatical error-free format. That is why it’s important to be extremely careful while choosing words for the keywords of your content.

  • Develop questions that you think users might pose on Google and other search engines. But make sure you develop your content in such a way that the answers to all such questions are included. The easiest way to ensure this is by adding content to your website in a question-answer format. People find it more convenient to read specific answers to the queries with which they browse through the internet.
  • Always emphasize on customizing the voice search experience you offer to your audience. Google is slowly bringing in the element of personalization in its voice activated apps. And that is why keeping this aspect in mind while making your website voice search optimized is of the utmost importance.
  • If your site is following Google’s mobile on page SEO

How to do Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization
How to optimize for Voice Search Optimization
  • best practices, and it is mobile compatible, then your voice search optimization efforts will really take you places. Today, it’s very important to make websites mobile friendly. A lot of people across the globe (some studies say, the majority of people out there) use mobile phones to browse through the internet. In such a scenario, if you are not taking this aspect seriously, you are leaving out on a great chunk of internet users.
  • Often voice searches include “near me” queries, which necessitates that you place emphasis on optimizing local sources. And if your business doesn’t have a global reach and it operates locally, then focusing on this aspect will cause your business to grow.

Aren’t these some really amazing tips on how to optimize your website for voice searches? Well, yes! So, what makes you wait? Get rolling or hire some professional SEO service to get this job done with perfection.


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