Types of SEO

Each and every search engine enclosed with a set of guidelines that will be following in the search engine optimization process. SEO Techniques or methods are divided into two different categories.

Types of SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO: Technique that contains SEO friendly practices and search engines recommend to follow. White Hat SEO technique follows search engine guideline to improve search engine ranking and traffic of the website.

Black Hat SEO: Technique that is not following the search engine guideline even break search engine rules to achieve higher search engine ranking and traffic. Search engine strictly prohibited black hat SEO techniques and attempt to minimize the effect of search engines.

White hat SEO

white hat seo
white hat seo

An SEO Techniques is treated as part of White Hat SEO if it has the following characteristic

  • It should comply with Search Engine Guideline to improve Search Engine Ranking as well as traffic
  • It does not contain any duplicate content
  • It confirms that a website pages indexing and crawling properly in terms of better ranking in search engine result pages.
  • It ensures that written content should be same for user and Search Engine bot
  • Make sure content should be designed for users not just for Search engines.
  • It confirms that content should be written with 750-1000 words, and has a single language. It does not violate the search engine guidelines. Make sure there should be no overstuffing of targeted keywords.

I will personally recommend to follow White Hat SEO techniques and don’t try to fool users and crawler. Make sure your content prior for website visitors not for search engine bot.

Black Hat SEO

black hat seo

An SEO Techniques is treated as part of Black Hat SEO if it has the following features:

  • If it is already penalized by Google algorithm updates.
  • It contains duplicate content
  • The content mainly focusing on Search Engine Bot, not to visitors
  • It is redirecting visitors from their original page to duplicate search engine friendly page.
  • It serves two different versions of the single web page; one for Search Engine Bot and the second one for visitors.
  • Using invisible or hidden text or tiny font size to hide targeting keywords
  • Hiding targeted keywords within web page content with the help of HTML coding. For Example “No Frame” sections
  • Repeating the same keywords multiple time in small content
  • Repetition of keywords in meta title, meta description, that is called “meta stuffing”.
  • Keyword placement is more than requirements or unnecessarily spreading which raise keyword density of the page is called “keyword stuffing”.
  • Creating low-quality content and overstuffing similar keywords or phrases. This is called “doorway” or “gateway pages”.
  • Mirror website hosting on different platforms – Intended to creating duplicate content with different URLs.
  • Creating a thin content of an authoritative website which shows content similar to the original one for a web crawler, redirect to malicious websites. This is called “page hijacking”.

If you are looking for long-term investment on your website then always follow white hat SEO techniques and request you to stay away from back hat SEO techniques.

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