JEE main is one of the most competitive exams in India. Competitive not just because it is difficult but more so because of the sheer number of applicants vying for a limited number of seats. Moreover, the traditional rote-learning methodology seems obsolete in the face of objective-type questions only. Add to it the ever-ticking clock, confusing options (answers), and the negative marking rule just add to the competitiveness of the examination. However, we are here to tell you to not be intimidated by the magnanimity of it all. In this article, we will share some JEE Main tips and tricks to help you optimize your performance and score better.

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JEE Main Tips and Tricks

Let’s face it, preparation and hours of practice is the undeniable key to ensuring a good rank in the JEE Main examination. However, many students find themselves way short despite burning the candle at both the ends. Here are some JEE Main tips and tricks that will help you approach your preparation in a much more strategic manner:

The Syllabus

Before you start preparing for the JEE Main exam, it is important to note that the syllabus is different from that of your board exam. Many students do the mistake of assuming that it is the same and are dumbfounded on the day of the exam.

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The JEE Main syllabus includes some advanced topics and also some additional ones. In simple words, you must keep a print out of the syllabus with you at all times to ensure that you don’t miss any topic.

The Reference Books

We get many queries from students asking us if studying the NCERT books alone is sufficient to crack the JEE Main. As much as we would love to answer affirmatively to that question, unfortunately, NCERT books alone are not enough.

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While these books can help you build concepts easily, the advanced books like H.C. Verma’s Concepts of Physics, S.L. Loney’s Coordinate Geometry, etc. help you advance your knowledge and skills to the required level.

The impact of the new examination structure – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Talking about JEE Main tips and tricks, let’s now look at the examination structure. Up until now, most of your important exams were subjective in nature. Regardless of the subject, you were required to display your memory capabilities and hence, the rote-methodology worked. With the MCQ format, you must expect many changes.

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In the traditional subjective-type exams, the questions were usually straight-forward. You were not required to understand the question, find the answer, and then write it. All you needed to do was search your memory’s repository and pen down some related content. However, with MCQs, the examiner usually throws in a ‘googly’ or add a twist in the question itself. Also, he can choose to offer the four options to each answer in such a manner that all four seem like the right answer. This can lead to leakage of time and even selecting the wrong answer. Therefore, you must ensure that you familiarize yourself with the MCQ-format well before taking the exam.

Further, here are some basic details about the JEE Main exam pattern:

  • The JEE Main Paper I is conducted in the computer-mode only. Further, the JEE Main Paper II exam is conducted in an offline-mode only.
  • You will have three hours to answer the paper.
  • The paper will have 30 questions each from Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Each correct answer fetches you 4 marks while a wrong answer deducts 1 mark.

Prepare and strictly adhere to your study timetable

Whether you have one year to prepare or the last week before the D-Day, it is important to learn the skill of preparing an optimum study timetable and strictly adhering to it. We have seen that timetables, like New Year resolutions, go out of the window at the sight of the first hurdle.

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While some students study too much too soon, some others start too slow and never gain momentum. It is important to plan yourself well and allow enough time for meals, sleep, physical activities, and leisure along with studying. Remember, a happy student is usually a successful student.

Find the ‘Lionel Messi’ in you

Lionel Messi, like other great football players, is successful because, his legs, mind, eyes, brain, and all other parts of his body work in a singular rhythm. This allows him to exert an unthinkable control over the soccer ball. Remember, each one of us can reach any heights of success if we find our rhythm.

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Talk to some mentors or professors and make minor changes to your study schedule until you find the hiding ‘Lionel Messi’ in you.

Memorize this – 297851425138

We are serious.


Now think about how you memorized it. Did you follow the age-old rote-methodology (9…3…6…7…8…)? If yes, then you need to try memorizing this again but in a different manner. Try whichever way comes to your head.

Here is one way of doing it:

Assign an alphabet to each number and see if it makes sense – A = 1, B = 2, and so on. Therefore we have


BIG HEAD BEACH – easier to remember, right?

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Change your approach to understanding things and memorizing them. It is a handy skill for all competitive exams.

Learn from the past

The JEE Main tips and tricks are not complete unless we mention the importance of solving the question papers from previous years. Look for the JEE Main answer key and start cracking the previous years’ papers. Don’t get your hopes high – the chances of any of the questions repeating are minimal but that’s not the reason why we are asking you to do this.

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Solving previous years questions with a JEE Main answer key from a reputed institution will help you build the confidence of cracking the exam. It will also help you time yourself so that you are better prepared on the day of your exam.

Don’t forget the Mock Test

The National Testing Agency conducts a mock test to help students familiarize themselves with the navigation and functionalities of the exam. An online exam can be intimidating to many and practicing in a mock scenario can help get rid of the jitters.

In a Nutshell

All these JEE Main tips and tricks will certainly help you be better prepared for the D-Day. Stay happy, healthy, focused, and give it your best shot. We are sure that success will find its way to you. Good Luck!


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