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A candidate cannot ignore the importance of the study plan and best preparation tips and strategies for cracking any recruitment exam when the exam is approaching soon. SSC CPO is the most-sought recruitment exams which basically test your time management skills and so the planning for that is the most important feature in order to score good marks in the exam.

You should be well-versed with all the small details of the exam and the key factor affecting the final selection of SSC CPO.  But with the limited time left for the exam, you need to adopt the well-structured study plan in order to deliver your best sure-shot for the exam. We are helping you in creating a time-bound methodological study plan along with some great preparation tips to crack SSC CPO exam 2018-19.

Study Plan for Cracking SSC CPO Exam 2018-19

SSC conducts SSC CPO recruitment exam every year to fill the vacancies for ASI/SI for 1223 job profiles. As with the stiff competition, you need to have a convenient study plan which can undoubtedly act as a stepping stone and help you in increasing your chances of achieving success in SSC CPO exam.

So, while crafting a useful and beneficial study plan, candidates often get confused with a number of questions like what kind of strategies to follow, how to distinguish important chapters, how to cover the complete syllabus on time etc. It is important to keep certain points in mind while making a study plan for SSC CPO exam 2018-19.

Your study plan should be flexible, effective, and most importantly should assist you in scoring good marks in the exam and thereby cracking the SSC CPO exam. Below you can check the 30-day study plan which we have framed for you.

Furthermore, we have divided the SSC CPO exam study plan on daily basis. Here is the tabulated form of the SSC CPO study plan.

How to Prepare for SSC CPO 2019
Day 1Coding-Decoding, Percentage, Spelling Errors, Revision and Solve Mock Test
Day 2Analogy, Simple Interest- Compound Interest, Ancient History, Revision and Mock Test
Day 3Arithmetic Reasoning, Average, Ancient History, Revision and Mock Test
Day 4Speed, Time & Distance, Classification, Reading Comprehension, Revision and Mock Test
Day 5Time Work & Wages, Distance-Direction Test, Synonyms-Antonyms, Revision and Mock Test
Day 6LCM & HCF, Missing Numbers, Statements & Assumptions, Sentence Completion, Revision
Day 7Revision of all the topics, Ancient History, Mock Test
Day 8Profit & Loss, Paper Cutting & Folding, Medieval History, Revision
Day 9Geometry, Cloze Test, Embedded Figures, Revision
Day 10Mensuration, Medieval History, Fill in the Blanks, Venn Diagrams Revision
Day 11Ratio & Proportion, Ranking & Order, Current Affairs, Revision
Day 12Algebra, Error Recognition, Counting of Figures, Revision
Day 13Biology, Cube & Dice, Direct & Indirect, Static GK Revision
Day 14Geometry, Mock Test, Revision of all topics
Day 15Data Interpretation, Arithmetic Reasoning, Modern History, Revision
Day 16Indian Geography, Problem on Ages, Revision
Day 17Physics, Pipes & Cistern, Basic Grammar Revision
Day 18Idioms & Phrases, Static GK, Mirror & Water Images, Current Affairs and Revision
Day 19Mensuration, Para Jumbles, Revision
Day 20Partnership, Chemistry, Current Affairs and Revision
Day 21Trigonometry, Revision of all topics and Mock Test
Day 22Simplification, World Geometry, Current Affairs Revision
Day 23Indian Polity, Indian Geography, Revision
Day 24Static GK, Active-Passive, Puzzles Revision
Day 25Biology, Alphabet Test, Mixture & Alligation, Revision
Day 26Grammar, Current Affairs Revision
Day 27Static GK, Current Affairs, Revision
Day 28Indian Polity, Revision of all topics and Mock Test
Day 29Previous Year Question Papers, Maths Formula, Current Affairs and Vocabulary
Day 30Previous Year Question Papers, Maths Formula, Current Affairs and Vocabulary

Important points for the Study Plan

As you know, planning is important to succeed in any field. Having a proper study plan by your side definitely, help you in achieving your goals, and help you in cracking the SSC CPO exam. So the important points to keep in mind for the preparation of SSC CPO 2018-19 are as:

  • Your study plan should have the complete syllabus of the SSC CPO exam
  • Focus on the important topics and topics that have higher weightage in the SSC CPO exam
  • Utilize your time in the best way possible and stick to your study plan.
  • Read newspaper, magazine, and keep yourself updated with current updates.
  • Give mock test and previous year question papers and then analyze your mistakes and rectify those mistakes.

Keeping in mind the requirements of the exam, we have planned the study plan for cracking SSC CPO exam. Prepare well for the exam and you will surely crack the recruitment exam with flying colours.

For more information or query regarding SSC CPO 2018-19 study plan, you can post your comment in the comment section below.

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