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In search engine optimization(SEO) world backlinks are playing a very important role. Website ranking and performance everything is depending on SEO backlinks. I would like to clarify one thing that do follow backlinks are still important and give you boost in ranking. Don’t worry about no follow backlinks they give you search engine visibility and brand awareness to your website.

Many bloggers who are starting their carrier in blogging they don’t know about “backlink”. And just because of lack of knowledge often creating an incomplete profile and broken links. Which are bad practice. In that situation, Google will drop their website ranking. I will suggest one thing keep create a link from a quality website which has high domain authority, page authority, daily updating, low spam score, high Moz rank, relevant niche these are the factor will help you to boost your performance in Google search ranking.

There is a list of some creative blogger who has recently started his/her blogs. And within like 6 to 9 months they reach to top ranking list. Just because of useful and quality link juice.

What Are SEO Backlinks

In this article, I will try to know you about a perfect understanding of backlinks and their advantages in search engine optimization work, and how you will get online success soon and way to create backlinks. Which website gives you SEO boost, link juice, and 100% do follow backlinks with fast indexing & crawling advantage will be added.

Let’s start with zero level

Backlinks are incoming links and target to the particular web page to increase authority.

In simple words, if we are putting our website links on other web pages, it is called a backlink. If you will check the past of SEO. You will find a magic of backlinks cause that time backlinks were the major metric in ranking signal of any web pages. A webpage with many backlinks are still in demand, but it should be quality and dofollow to boost your website performance and get ranked on all search engines, including google popular search engine too. All this above information are true as per my knowledge.

Here, I have added some important common terms which are important to understanding before moving into SEO industry

Link Juice – It is a very important term and mostly used. When you are putting your article link/homepage link on the same niche website. And you are getting do follow backlink. That means you are getting link juice from that website. If you want to stop link juice in that situation you have to add “no follow” tag to stop passing link juice. Link juice helps with rank your article, and also improve the authority. Increase page authority of that article and domain authority too.

No Follow Backlinks – When we are putting our website link to another website. But we are not getting any link juice and providing no follow tag that means that no follow links are not useful considering the ranking signal of a webpage. It will not contribute anything. But one thing I would like to clarify that no follow helps to earn authority. Cause we share our article link on social media not just for traffic purpose only but getting some authority too. It will help in branding too.

When you will put your website link in the comment section which gives you no follow tag. Now a day many website owners strictly prohibited to external website links to prevent spam practices.

Do follow Backlinks Most of the websites gives you do follow backlinks, You can create do follow backlinks from Web 2.0 practice, Guest posting, ahref links, directory submission from high quality niche.

Linking to root domain: This is very unique and good amount of link juice you can earn from a unique domain. You can find that website as a root domain just to follow some simple steps. Add your website links to that website ten times or more. Then that website considered as one linked root domain.

Low/Spam Quality links – Low-quality links are those links which are coming from spam websites, harvested automated sites, spam sites, porn sites or even irrelevant website. These types of links more harmful to your website. And don’t follow shortcut to create backlinks fast. Don’t buy backlinks. Be aware of spammy practice which is commonly performed by competitors. Your competitors are kept tracking of your progress, and always follow the bad practice to harm your website performance. In that situation use webmaster tool to check those spammy backlinks/negative SEO and use Disavow Links Tool to give a red flag to those spammy backlinks which are created by your competitors.

Internal linking – Put a link to the same domain. When you are putting one article link to another article within the same domain are called interlinking. This practice reduces bounce rate and increases dwell time of particular visitors.

Anchor text – Text or keyword that is used for hyperlinks is called anchor text. If you want to rank your particular keyword on top Google searches in that situation anchor text backlinks work well.

What are the advantages of backlinks in SEO?

Before we discuss the advantage of backlinks we have to take one step back and look into past. There was the time when low quality backlinks were giving you great link juice and helped to rank high. All types of practice were making your website more authoritative. That time directory submission was in demand. All non technical people submit 500 to 1000 directory submission on the niche. Those were enough to rank in google. But after google’s Penguin algorithm update, the whole scenario changed.

All the criteria change just after Google algorithm update. It is very important that all backlinks should be qualitative and be coming from authoritative and relevant websites.

For Example

If you have created your website for health niche. And you are getting backlinks from an educational website which totally wrong and bad practice. In google which is called spamming/irrelevant backlinks.

Why we create SEO Backlinks for our website?

Way to improve organic/natural ranking:

Backlinks help to improve our website’s ranking and give you more boost for better search results.

If your contents a are getting organic links from quality website those contents will be ranked higher in google search results.

Many bloggers are passionate about linking with leading website or blogs. Basically, for those processes, they approach other bloggers for guest links.

Faster indexing and crawling:

Backlinks are not just for ranking purpose only. Those are very effective to discover your website links, and then indexing and crawling them.

I recommend to all those newbies are doing the blogging. Get ready to find backlinks, high PR backlinks, find competitors backlinks. It will help to your initialization process. It will create backbone.

Referral Traffic:

You can get referral traffic from a guest post or with anchor text. It has a low bounce rate. If you will research with a backlink analyzer tool like Semrush, SEOProfiler, SERanking or open site explorer help to find quality backlinks of your competitors. You can check referral traffic of your competitors, and follow their footprint. If they are getting backlinks from profile creation you have to do the same process to get backlinks for your own website.

You can buy free or paid tools.

How to create high-quality backlinks for SEO?

So above information is more than enough to understand the term “backlink”. I think you all very well understand this topic. Know you will better understand how it relates to SEO and Why we are giving more importance & focusing too.

Techniques to get high DA backlinks for your website.

One important condition that you have to avoid before start working with SEO backlinks, Which is the quantity of backlinks. Before doing anything start to analyze that website performance and quality. Check DA and PA before getting links. And keep in mind don’t run behind the quantity. Do quality work.

Keep in mind if you are buying paid backlinks then it will be harmful to your website. And due to this silly mistake, you can penalize by google penguin’s algorithm.

What are the ways to get quality backlinks for your website?

Write evergreen content/article

Create profile creation

Use broken link building method   

Create business listing

Start commenting

Submit your website to niche directories


Submit Guest Posting

Write awesome topic/ Evergreen article

It is very common and simple way to create quality backlinks for your website.

There is a simple logic behind this quality article. Understand if you write quality articles and it will be on rank higher in google search ranking. Then automatically people link to that.

mostly those websites add you quality article’s link for reference purpose. Hope this simple logic you understand. However, Write evergreen article not just for SEO but for people too.

High PA DA Profile Creation Sites

Profile creation is a way to create anchor text backlinks. As we have discussed above. You can create backlinks from YouTube about section, Google+ about, etc,

There is a huge list of high PR do follow backlink creation website.

That I will show you in later articles

Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites

Most of the website have added external link no follow plugin. So when you will try to add your website link in a comment. You will find a no follow tag. So do hard work or check competitors backlink research and follow their footprints.

There is some do follow forums. Those are paid and free.

Don’t worry about no-follow backlinks. Those are still very important to get better search engine visibility. And to get solid traffic from it.

I know this will very hard at initial level but later, you will get some fruit from it.

A comment should not be spam. It should be natural and unique. And informative. Don’t do it for website backlinks. Do it for visitors. Who can read your comment and eagerly come to visit your website.

Quick tips for Backlinks SEO

Also, don’t use any automatic direct submission technique. Google may disallow or no index your website. And it will harm your domain authority and your website or blog will be removed from google search engine.

Hope this article helps to understand the backlink. Any why you should focus on backlinks.

are you working on backlinks? still not then quickly start work right away.

If you like our article then share your valuable thoughts with us. And share your topic too. So we can try to work on it.

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