Rich Results Testing Tool
Rich Results Testing Tool

After long times Google has announced that they are introducing a new Google rich results testing tool to make diagnosing your pages structured data easier. as we all know can choose a different way to highlight our website’s content in Google search result page(Google SERP) although these techniques are growing day by day. In the past, Google has called these rich snippets, rich cards or enriched results. Now google taking more care about documentation so here, they have used a simple name which is “rich results” for all of them.

Rich Results Testing Tool

The new “Rich Results Testing Tool” is nothing but the updated version of rich snippet testing tool. The new rich results testing tool focused on the structure data types that are eligible to be shown as rich results in the structured data testing tool preview. It will allow you to test all data the types of data sources on your pages, like JSON-LD(Which google highly recommend), Microdata or RDFa. The new rich result testing tool provides a more highly accurate reflection of the page’s of your website and it appears on the google search result page(Google SERP) also it includes improved handling for structured data found on dynamically loaded content. You can use this google rich snippet testing tool to highlight your result categories for testing. Tests for Recipes, Jobs, Movie, and Courses are currently supported by rich results.  But Google is planning on expanding over time and working on page speed update too.

Rich Results Testing Tool
Rich Results Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool

Nowadays testing a page is easy: just open structured data testing tool, enter a URL, and then check the structured data testing tool preview and review the output. If you find any issues in the preview, the tool will highlight the invalid code in the page source. If you are working with others on this page, the share-icon on the bottom-right let’s try to do that quickly. You can get quicky output or find the best result by preview button to view all the different rich results the page is eligible for. If you are happy with that result then be ready to submit this changes to Google to fetch & index this page for search.

Rich Results

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