Mistakes To Avoid In SSC CGL Exam

Staff Selection Commission conducts several exams on an annual basis of which SSC CGL is one of the most difficult exams. The difficulty level and fierce competition make it difficult for many candidates to clear the exam in one go.

Even after trying so many coaching centres, referring to various study material, taking help from preparation guides, what is it that act as a hindrance to their success?

This post will talk about the aberrations in preparation for SSC CGL that candidates should avoid to come out with flying colours in the final exam.

  • The most common mistake that candidates make is simultaneous preparation for multiple exams. Candidates have the notion that bank, insurance, SSC all these exams are the same and start studying for all these exams together. Please understand that each exam has different criteria to assess the candidate. Some are practice and concept-oriented while others are analytical based. Some exams are held in tier and phase fashion while the other is a single-day exam. So it is important to prioritize before preparing.
  • Candidates have a tendency to directly jump to various study materials and preparation guides without considering SSC CGL syllabus and exam pattern even for once. In such a type of preparation, the majority of candidates end up learning unnecessary topics but the ones covered in SSC CGL syllabus.
  • Candidates think that shortcut tricks are very helpful to attempt a maximum number of questions and crack the exam. Owing to this, students start discovering and developing their own shortcut tricks, which is time-wasting and meaningless process. Candidates should focus on the basics and practice as much as they can. This will clarify the concepts thus resulting in high confidence level.
  • Aspirants mostly do not make proper notes as per SSC CGL syllabus because they think it is time-consuming and tiresome. But the fact is, the importance of taking notes cannot be ignored especially when it comes to doing a quick revision before the exam. Thus making short notes, updating them from time to time and revising them on a regular basis helps in memorizing better.  
  • Sometimes candidates get stuck on a particular subject of their interest during exam preparation leaving other subjects untouched. Focusing on strengths is not bad, but this should be in mind that cut-offs or merits are based on performances in all subjects and questions are framed in the exam for some purpose. Therefore, each subject is scoring and demands the same efforts for their preparation. 

Hence, it can be rightly said that notes play an important part in any exam preparation. Candidates must dedicate equal time for each subject, and before starting with their preparation, they should be thorough with the exam pattern and SSC CGL syllabus. Candidates must bear the above-mentioned mistakes in mind while preparing for SSC CGL.


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