Independence University and its Education System

About Independence University

Independence University is a university that is located in the Salt Lake City, Utah. The university is a private non-profit university offering online courses and programs to the students across the world. This university is a part or online branch of the Stevens-Henagar College. It is solely based on the online programs it offers. It was established in 1978 and was offering distance learning courses under the name California College for Health Science and in 2005; it got its current name Independence University.

The university is accredited by the Accreditation Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). The university provides various online programs, and majors which are accessible 24/7 for the students to advance in their careers.

Schools in Independence University

The university provides various accredited courses and majors for various types of students and the courses offered by the university are especially for the online platforms. The programs are offered by the schools of Independence University. The four schools operated by the university are as follows.

  • School of Business
  • School of Healthcare
  • School of Graphic arts
  • School of Technology

Various degree programs offered by Independence University

Pursuing a degree program is an essential part of education as it portrays the career a student wants to enroll in. The degree programs offered by the colleges and universities create a pathway for various careers in their particular field of study. There are different levels of degrees based on which the students are categorized for the eligibility criteria of any job. The different levels of degree offered by Independence University are given below.

  • Associate Degree- It is a degree program that lays the foundation for the students to pursue advanced education, or apply for various entry-level jobs. This degree usually requires 2 years of study but can take more time based on the student, as the online programs offer flexible study hours.
  • Bachelor Degree- The online Bachelor’s degree program provided by the university can help the students to get a better knowledge and build the skills related to the field of study. This degree usually takes 4 years to be completed, but may vary based on the students, as online education offers flexibility.
  • Master Degree-The Master’s degree is a graduate degree that helps the students by providing advanced education and skill sets, to help them grow and shape a career in the field they want to pursue an education in. It usually takes around 2 years to be completed.

Majors and Programs offered by Independence University

There are several courses and majors offered by the Independence University for students to pursue any degree program. The variety of choices offered can be appealing to various different types of students. Few majors offered by the university are listed below.

  • Healthcare Administration
  • Information Systems
  • Business Administration
  • Nursing
  • Public Health
  • Graphic Arts
  • Accounting
  • Respiratory Therapy

There are lots of programs offered by the university that might interest a lot of students such as Associate Degree in Graphic Arts, Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Masters Degree in Public Health and many more.

Financial Aid

Education is an important aspect in every life, not just because pursuing education open doors to many job and career opportunities, but also because education provides various life lessons and teachings that can come in handy in any point of life.

Pursuing higher education tends to be quite expensive and there are various deserving and willing students, who are unable to bear the educational expenses. Thus to provide such students a chance to pursue higher education, many organizations and institutions provide financial aid to encourage the students to pursue higher education.

The financial aids provided to the students are in the form of grants and scholarships. Few grants and scholarships provided to the students who are interested to enroll in the Independence University are listed below.


  • Family Grant


  • Your Future Scholarships
  • Bachelor’s Upgrade Scholarships
  • Master’s Upgrade Scholarships

These scholarships and grants are provided to aid the students financially, and pursue online education. People searching for particular online degree program or a particular college can look for that specific program or college, For example, a student can look for the online Business Management colleges which will help him/her to get the details about the colleges that offer the Business Management programs. Likewise, students may look for various degrees or colleges by specifying their requirement, as the degree programs offered by the university are in abundance.


Independence University is providing an online platform for pursuing high-quality education and the university offers variety of courses and majors for different types of students. It offers scholarships and grants to aid the students in need of financial assistance, helping them to bear the educational expenses and tuition fees.


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