Gujarat tat/tet/htat exams study materials
Gujarat tat/tet/htat

Gujarat tat/tet/htat

Gujarat tat/tet/htat and other competitive exams

Here we are going to share important tet exam,  tat exam and htat exam study materials, that Government of Gujarat state has released application forms for tet tat htat 2017. Recently the government has issued the Gujarat tet 2017 Application Form for the desired as well as eligible candidates. After some time when the process of receiving of application forms will close, then Gujarat School Examination Board will manage this test at many exam centers. It is hoping that in this year also huge numbers of applicants from the state Gujarat, will submit their gujarat tat exam, tet exam, htat  exams and other competitive exams Application Form 2017. For providing these application limited time has been given to the interested candidates.

Gujarat tat/tet/htat

Gujarat tat exam material, tet exam material in Gujarati , htat exam and other competitive exams

Pragna Abhigam for TET exam / HTAT exam Materials : Click Here (New!)

TET-1 exam (Std 01 to 05) Study Material  Part 2 : Click Here (New!)

TET-1 exam (Std 01 to 05) Study Material : Click Here (New!)

Sanskrit Grammar : Click Here

Social Science Question Bank : Click Here (New!)

Tat exam material GCERT Books : Click Here

Tat exam Teachers Edition : Click Here

(Gujarat tat exam /tet exam /htat exam) G.K + English + Gujarati + Maths Study Materials : Click Here

(Gujarat tat/tet/htat) Bachav Prayukti : Click Here

Tet exam study material RTE 2009 Act in Gujarati : Click Here

(Gujarat tat/tet/htat) Manovigyan : Click Here

(Gujarat tat/tet/htat) Bal Monovigyan : Click Here

Child Development (Pedagogy) Gujarati : Click Here Password : marugujarat

(Gujarat tat/tet/htat) Pedagogy (English) : Click Here

Effective Class Behavior (Varg Vyvahar) : Click Here

Study Materials S.S : Click Here

Study Materials Part 1 : Click Here Password : marugujarat

Study Materials Part 2 : Click Here

Study Materials Part 3 : Click Here

Study Materials Part 4 : Click Here

Satat Mulyankan : Click Here

Vachan Lekhan ni paddhati ane prayukti : Click Here

Grant Information : Click Here

The Gujarat Elementary Education Rules, 2010 : Click Here

Gujarat Mulki Seva Vargikaran ane Bharti Niyamo 1967 : Click Here

NCTE Act 1993 : Click Here

Gujarat Mulki Seva na Niyamo 2002 : Click Here

Pravrutilakshi Education Std 01 to 05 Module : Click Here

Panchayati Raj Sanstha (PRI) : Click Here

Right to Information RTI 2005 : Click Here

Right to Education RTE 2009 : Click Here

Shanklit Shikshan : Click Here

Shala Vyavsthapan Samiti (SMC) : Click Here

Head Teacher Total Learning Package Module : Click Here

Structure of Education Module : Click Here

Soft Skills Head Teacher Module : Click Here

Samajik Vigyan Std 06 to 08 Module : Click Here

Managerial Talim Module : Click Here

Kanya Shikshan ,NPEGEL and KGBV : Click Here


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