Golden Benefits of Hackathons

The employees working in your business are your assets. You cannot let them wither with time. Maybe at the time of recruitment they had excellent skills but what about today? Do you think they are pacing with the changing times? Do you feel that they are exploring the new options and embracing fresh sets of skills? Well, it gets your responsibility also to boost them to stay abreast about everything. If your employees get dull and weary; the day would not be far when your business will collapse like a house of cards.

What is the solution?

Fortunately there are hackathons these days. You can make the most of both offline and online hackathons in India. These are the platforms that give a chance to grow, develop and engage. In case you don’t know already, hackathons are programming programs or events that last anywhere from twenty four hours to one long week. The motive of a hackathon is to allow a group of programmers to work together on a specific collaborative project. Most of the hackathons are competitions wherein various teams are competing to form prototypes that revolutionize on a theme or enhance upon a current project.

If not you, you can always send your employees to these events. In this way you can make sure that your employees are growing and progressing. Their growth would help your business to grow.  Your staff members will have an edge once they acquire knowledge about so many things. Of course, their tasks can be absolutely effective and more productive once they have better understanding of things. Following are listed a few fantastic benefits of hackathons.


At a hackathon event, your staff members will usually meet people who have the similar interests, tastes and skills as your employees.  It is something that forms a perfect environment for networking.   All that is needed to be done is that your staff member network and exchange contact information with the other fellow coders present in the event.  You never know which links your staff members make and eventually it turns out to be helpful for your business.

Good impression

You can always impress your clients by showing them pictures or records of your employees visiting different hackathons. Of course, everybody knows that participants gain a lot of knowledge from such events. These are the programs that get the employees an idea about everything. Once your clients see that your employees have participated in different hackathons; they will be highly impressed with them and of course the overall environment of your organization.

It expands their thinking

Once you send your employees to attend different hackathon programs, they will definitely end up with a lot of knowledge. Intense problem-solving setups like hackathons ease the creation of innovative ideas and concepts.  Since people from different backgrounds with similar interest work together towards a single project; it helps your employees to expand their thinking. They can know about the ways in which the other people have dealt with the same problem. Such a thing always expands the thinking and mind. Moreover the fact that there would be time restraints makes things even more effective and interesting. Since there would be pressure on your employees to perform within a given time; they are going to toil your mental abilities and end up with wonders. They will get to know about the hidden abilities of their mind. Such a thing would expand both their thinking and approach. If your employees bring the same thinking and approach back to office; that would be so beneficial. They will try to finish all the tasks within time and would not hesitate to toil their mental abilities for best results.

Business branding

In case your business sponsors or organizes a hackathon, it will instantly increase its name recognition in the entire industry. The folks who attend the event are going to become intimately acquainted with your company and the employees. In this way they would start to understand how your team works and what your business bring to the table. Your clients would also get a great influence by the other participants. After all, it is not just about sending your employees to attend hackathons at different places but also to host one so as to taste the growth taking place in the industry and leaving an impression on everyone.

Alternative solutions

There are always solutions that are more applicable and effective. Once your staff members visit the hackathons in different places; they would come across the different ways in which a single problem can be solved.  There are always different solutions for a specific issue.  When your staff members explore the solutions practiced by other people in the hackathon; they too will get a vision to explore the options in solutions. They would also try to come up with different solutions before they give up and say they are done.  Certainly, if your employees learn to explore different alternatives in a solution; there can be nothing more beneficial than that.

Personality traits

Now this might sound not so important but it carries a lot of significance. When your employees visit a hackathon and work with other people therein; they become more patient and understanding. They get to know about the attributes that are needed to work smoothly and effectively with strangers or a team that is not as per their accordance. Such things really turn out to be helpful.  There can be nothing better than finding out that your employees have a lot more patience when they return.  When you tell your managers, leaders or other staff members in the organization to be more patient and understanding; they might listen to this from one ear and let it go from other. But when they find patience and understanding working wonders for other people in the hackathon they might also develop the same quality.


Thus, actually you cannot really limit the scope of benefits that a hackathon can get your organization or employees.  There would never be a harm of participating or hosting a hackathon.


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