competitive exam preparations

Competitive exam preparations are tougher than the regular exams that students take. To face them with flying colours, you need to prepare very well. The resources that we may find from the books in your nearest libraries may be insufficient and thus render preparations incomplete. In today’s digital world the significance of online resources in the preparation of a competitive examination cannot be ignored.

There are numerous sites or apps which are ready to provide you free study material and question banks for the competitive exam preparations. However, there are a few things a starter must know before he or she begins to prepare for a competitive examination through online resources.

Competitive Exam Preparationscompetitive exam preparations

  1. The online resources should always be used to aid your process of learning. Never wholly depend on the resources available. The best way to prepare is to find the questions from the apps or websites and try to figure out the answers yourself and consult with your mentor or teacher who is willing to assist you through the process. This kind of process is followed so that student don’t get accustomed to rote learning and spoon feeding.
  2. Find out the right app and website which has experience in training or providing resources for the candidates online. Consult with your mentor or someone you can rely on to make sure that the questions or material available online is on par with the standard question paper of the official exam. Doing so can make you confident. Also, solving mock tests can aid in going a long way in finding the right resources.
  3. The online resourcesneed not refer to particular books or question banks; it can also be videos or audios which can guide you. There are videos available on social sites such as YouTube, which can be very useful. In fact, some videos can show you how to easily solve a problem or a question without taking much time.
  4. You need updated question banks and test to make sure that you are well prepared. Download the practice question paper sets and also the previous year question papers. Try solving these by yourself and check with the solution. There are sites which provide online tests. It is highly recommended that you practice at least one such test. This will make you feel like you are attending a real exam. It is also recommended that students give a mock test before starting the preparation for the exam. It is highly likely that students get the picture of their current standing and can start their preparation accordingly.
  5. It can also be helpful to purchase or subscribe to an online resource for E-learning.There are tons of resources for even the toughest examinations like IAS, CAT, GMAT etc.The ones available for free might not contain standard questions or materials which can get you through these examinations. But the paid ones can definitely help you. Many packages are provided by different educational sites to crack these challenging examinations. Always attend the demo classes before deciding to purchase one. Consult with your guide or mentor for more information. Before you enrol or sign up, check their percentage of success to know how much people have gained with the help of the materials provided from that site.
  6. Online counselling and guidance are also provided by some websites which can help you to reduce your stress. It is advisable to not solely depend on the online resources to prepare for the exam, instead, enroll in coaching classes to further enrich your knowledge of the resources you find online. Online classes help in solving the problem of commuting everyday and sometimes if coaching classes are not present in your vicinity. Although if coaching classes are present nearby and are accessible, it is preferred to join coaching class for thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Make sure you are armed with the right resources before you dive head first into your study habits. Conduct your research and narrow down material that best covers your needs and is most relevant to the exam. Curate a list of websites and applications that convey accurate information and approach methodically. Take quizzes, subjective mock tests and those on current affairs on a regular basis. Some apps are specifically designed to improve your English grammar. Find one that fits you. Plan your schedule and include breaks in between to avoid overload.


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