Amazon SEO 2017 Strategies: Title, Search Terms, Bullet Points & Description
Amazon SEO 2017 Strategies: Title, Search Terms, Bullet Points & Description

Amazon SEO Strategy 2019 

Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization Amazon) is one of the powerful platforms to sells own private label product. A number of searches related to product 3 times more on Amazon as compared to google. ok, I am going to understand by simple example.

Ex. if you are the seller you have your own private label product like Polo T-shirt you want to sell this t-shirt online earn money by the help of your shopping cart website. which is made by you. its Google SEO is done by you. you have spent lots of money to sells your product but daily 100 peoples come through the help of Google’s organic traffic or by the help of social media campaigning or promotional activity perform by you.

  • What is Amazon SEO?

  • How to do Amazon SEO?

amazon seo strategy
Amazon SEO Strategy

so (by the help of Google product selling) these all are wasting time and effort as per my opinion. If you have your own product and you want 70% to 90% more traffic then don’t waste your time selling your products on Amazon. follow easy, simple and quick methods for Amazon SEO. For Amazon Title, Bullet Points, Search Terms and Description these are the very important factors for your private label product to a higher ranking on Amazon search engine. Here I will share my own 6-month hands on experience of seller central Account for Amazon selling product. 

I have worked on a different product to improve BSR rank. I have used a number of strategies to improve BSR ranking. Don’t follow any tutorials or any blog. here

Don’t follow any tutorials or any blog especially related to Amazon SEO. If they are providing any tips then all will be the traditional method of the year 2015. which is not give you proper satisfaction in fact that method may be suppressing your listing. so beware them and strictly follow Amazon guideline. Nowadays Amazon a9 algorithm is totally changed and strictly follow some rules.  here

I have added short & sweet strategies to improve BSR rank with Sells velocity.

keep in mind 3 important factors are matter in Amazon SEO.

  1. Product Relevancy (search terms, title, bullet points and description with don’t forget to update product catalog too. like product related all fill the blank)
  2. Keyword level Conversions
  3. Sales Velocity

[Amazon SEO Title]: – Title should be more meaningful and should be short & sweet. It should have all relevant keyword that buyers will search on Amazon search engine. In a sense add high volume (profitable) and higher priority search terms should also be included in the title. Title’s max length should be 180 characters long. Don’t over limit its size. This factors will sure put up your products in high ranked listings.

[Amazon SEO Search Terms]: – First thing keeps in mind that you can add numbers of search terms (keywords) as you can. There will be 5 fields to enter your search terms. There is no length limit to add search terms. But as per my knowledge and Amazon said that enter each your search terms based on priority or based on volume. like if you have Amazon search terms research tools. you find top 10 search terms. take the first one and put it into the first search terms field. But make sure search terms should not be separated by comma just add white space only. do not use commas or any special keywords. it’s strictly prohibited by Amazon. Amazon keyword tool you can use for Amazon SEO search terms.

[Amazon SEO Bullet Points]: – All important points related to your product it should be under bullet points. This bullet points also will have five fields. So in this field, you can add the most important points like offer, warranty & Guaranty.  Exchange offer color, Size, Reference. and the very important point should be added to a bullet point.

[Amazon SEO Description]: – In the Description, you can add all the things as long as you can. all very important things related to your product you can add.

If you have any query or you want to add feedback

follow this email id:- [email protected]

I will provide screenshots of my own private label products. which I have done SEO myself. and when I had started SEO at the initial stage there was no ranking of my product. but after 15 -20 working days I had noticed my Amazon BSR rank was improved. it was not only normal change but it was lack to thousand and thousands to hundred. when I had checked my BSR I was shocked. As I did in the past. you can do also but as I had followed simple guideline of Amazon. You should also follow the same thing as I have added above.

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for amazon keyword research you can use these 3 tools:-


2. Keywordkeg

3. Keywordkeg

4. sellerlab

above all tools, you can use for amazon keyword search.



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